Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Fools day-Yes it is a holiday!

So this year I decided to get excited about April fools day and play actual pranks, not just silly little stupid April fools jokes. After all it IS a holiday and I had to celebrate! So I got serious. And it was SO worth it and an absolute blast. I started thinking of things I could do to trick Jake. Usually he is the one tricking me, mostly by scaring me to death but I wanted to get him.

 I had my stepdad write a note saying sorry about the dent here is my name and insurance information on a little piece of scratch paper. 

I snuck it on his windshield before we went into Nordstrom Rack. When we came out he didn't see it so when we got in the car I asked him what was on his windshield. He got out of the car and grabbed the note and started walking around his car looking for something. I was trying not to laugh because I didn't want to blow it! When he got back in the car he handed me the note and said he couldn't find any dent. I asked him if he was going to call her anyways and he said no since he didn't see anything. I told him I'd look for it when we got out of the car again.

When I got out I looked for the "dent" and played along for a minute then I exploded with laughter and yelled APRIL FOOLS. It was so awesome!!! I was beyond proud of myself.

It gets better...and I cant stop gloting. Really it was such a proud moment in my life.. it was like seeing my baby walk for this first time. Yes it was that great and i was so proud. I looked online at april fools jokes and came across a blog where a lady made a fake parking ticket. THIS WAS PERFECT! However I couldn't figure out how to put Jake's information and our city so I had to create my own.

It took forever, but really it was worth it and I thought it looked so real! 

Looks authentic doesn't it? Next I was on the mission to find an envelope that looked official. Luckily I had mail that had one of thoes clear strips so you can see the name and it even had a stamp

Perfect! It was open but I didn't think he's notice.

Jake happened to be house sitting and his mom always put his mail on his bed. So the night before I put this letter on his bed because I knew he'd be home to get clothes for the week. Again he didn't notice it so I asked him about it. When I handed it to him he opened it and started reading. And then...he got upset. He starting saying that he had never gotten a parking ticket before and that now he owed 400 dollars or else they were going to boot and tow his car. I told him to call the number and he said they were probably closed on Sunday's. He continued reading and the situation escalated. Then I busted laughing and yelled APRIL FOOLS again. I wanted it to go on longer, but he was getting upset. It was awesome.

Seriously the best April fools ever. I didn't mean to make him upset, luckily I found myself a good sport and it was all fun in games. Seriously I am beyond proud that I accomplished such believable tricks.

Another ordinary day made extraordinary:)

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