Friday, April 13, 2012


This Easter was by far one of the very best I have had. I started out the Easter weekend by making Snider bro's meat's some treats! Of course they were all Pinterest inspired, and I thought they turned out great!

Little bird nests made out of chow main noodles covered in chocolate and cadbury eggs!
 Easter bark made with melted chocolate, vanilla frosting (this happened by accident but tasted great!!) and chopped up Easter candy.
 bunny butts:) These are vanilla wafers and melted chocolate with a mini mallow tail.

Everyone at sniders seemed to enjoy my festive treats and I am glad. I love to bake and I know exactly where to take it so it gets eaten:) Plus there is just something about holiday food that makes the celebration that much better.

My mom asked me to make her a cake that she saw on Pinterest. Ha it's a family affair!! Never have I needed, or even wanted for that matter, peeps. Not a fan. But I needed them for this cake and of course the one time I was looking for them, I couldn't find them anywhere! I went to 4 different places and finally stumbled across them at Walgreens.
I thought it turned out pretty cute:)

Then on Easter day the real fun began. We went to church because after all Jesus is what Easter is all about!! Then Jake had set up an Easter egg hunt for me before church so right after we went to hus house...isn't he so perfect? 
 There were SO many eggs:)
 He even hid my Easter basket complete with bunny ears, a nook and nook case, candy, a super cute ring, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. Does he know me or what?!

Then I found a cute bunny stuffed animal! It was perfect! Best Easter egg hunt ever! I seriously am spoiled rotten. A nook?! for easter?! Who does that?

 Then we rushed over to my house for a family BBQ. I was super excited because I had set up a scavenger hunt for Jake. He isn't crazy about doing Easter egg hunts so I thought that a scavenger hunt might be a little more fun for him.

I made up all the clues myself except for the last little rhyme which I found on another blog.

Clue #1
The Easter Bunny’s been here!
Let’s go on a hunt to find your
Basket this year!
Your first clue is to visit a place
that is not too far-
go the the room where the guitars are.
 (Music Room)

Clue #2
Now that you have found
clue number one-
Where do you go when
your dinner is done?
This was hilarious..jake thought it meant after your dinner has digested..

Clue #3
Wow! You’re well on your way
Go to a place where the tools stay!

Clue #4
Nope, your basket isn’t here!
Maybe go check in the bathroom mirror!

Clue #5
You are getting closer but not there quite yet
Maybe it is where we get our hands wet?
 (Kitchen sink)

Clue #6
I’m a little tricky, my hiding is just right
Try outside where we might fly a kite!
Clue #7
The next clue can
be found
where the fish might be
well hurry! Go look and see!

Clue #8
Isn’t this so fun?
Lets keep looking and try where we run!

Clue #9
You’ve made it this far,
don’t quit now-
visit a place we hear Rylee’s meow!
 (where we keep the kitty food)

Clue #10
Nothing gets past you,
Where would we keep Mt. Dew?

Clue #11
You are probably getting tired,
so lay down and rest,
after all this isn’t the end of the test.

Clue #12
A few more to go,
Check out an object we use to mow.

I know you are loving this
It’s as fun as can be-
Go ahead and visit the tree.

Clue #14
Your basket is worth it
Don’t give up!
You can do this, go crab a cup!

I know you probably think
This is getting old,
So visit a place we medicate a cold.
 (Medicine cabinet)

Clue #16
Ah-ha! You are so great
Try a place you pick me up
For a date.
 (Front porch)

Okay I know you are
Just about done
I just wanted to have a little fun.
Our hunt is almost complete
Its about time to cook up the meat.
 (BBQ grill)

Clue #18
By now I bet you’d like to find
Your treasure,
and it would be my
Greatest pleasure
to reveal this secret
Place to you.
But before we’re totally
And completely through..
Always remember the joy of this season
Is that jesus is alive and for that very reason
We celebrate this day with laughter and smiles
And thank god for his love which extends miles and miles.

The very last place id like you to see
Is the person who is lucky to celebrate with thee
She’ll give you your basket and some candy too
Because she is absolutely madly in love with you!!

I was holding the basket at the very end and just handed it to him.

 It had some candy and a new Diesel watch!! He had been wanting a watch for a while but I could never find one that wasn't super ugly. Finally I found this gem. He loves it:)

The rest of the day we spent with family and friends.

 and of course playing with our new toys!

 Can't forget dying Easter eggs!

 Then we went to the driving range because it was such a gorgeous day out.
 I cannot wait for this golf season. 
I love it and I love that it is a hobby Jake and I can do together!!

Easter was such a fun beautiful day. I got to spend it with people I love and the most important part is, it was a day to remember what Jesus did for us. Not only did he die for us, he rose again!! He is risen and living in us today. I am so blessed and thankful.

Thank you Jesus for living in me and for my friends and family.

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