Wednesday, April 18, 2012


There are so many changes happening in my life right now! Change is good and I am super excited about everything that is changing...but at the same time it is overwhelming.

I just got a new job, and quit a job I had and loved(yes, i did cry) It has been something I have been praying about and I had been looking. It is quite the miracle how it happened actually. One night I was looking for jobs and I had already seen all the recent job posting. I had looked liked everyday for at least 2 weeks, and had seen everything. I applied what seemed like a million places, and hadn't received any call backs..awesome. So I decided to try another route. I wanted a job in cottonwood heights area so I wouldn't have a long commute to work. I mean after all gas is ridiculous and I'm getting married, I need SOME money. I searched for schools and private schools in the area, because really that is the only experience I have ever had. I came across a few websites and decided to email them and ask if by chance they were hiring. Finally I got emails back from two women who told me to forward my resume. Now this was improvement because I just found these websites and emailed them out of the blue asking for work. Anyways..I emailed Karla Jay the owner and director at U Can Learn back and forth until we set up an interview. At the interview she told me she wasn't looking but after my email she decided they could use another tutor. hello!? what? Thank you Jesus. Seriously it was such a miracle. I somehow ended up on her website, emailed her and got a job. Now God does answer prayers! The best part is i got a 3 dollar raise from my other job, and I can get more hours! Can it get any better than that? well yes it can..glad you asked. I absolutely LOVE my new job. I get to assist people that have learning disabilities like dyslexia. I get to tutor children and it is an absolute blast. They say the most hilarious things and make working so much fun. Within the first few days of working I was told I have a boy name and watched a kid "prarying"( yes he said prarying) that he would get a billion dollars. I show up to work early and stay late because I just love being there. Our pastor spoke about this exact thing one Sunday morning and it is something I will always remember. "it is a gift from god to enjoy your work" and I do. God has always been so faithful to me by providing me with a job. I absolutely love my new job and cannot wait to see where it takes me.

I have also recently done big girl changes like creating a new bank account without my parents help. I will be moving in about 6.5 weeks. I am getting married. I have to change my name. I will be graduating college next spring. Okay when I write it down it doesn't seem like that much but really!! In a few months nothing will be the same! It's kinda crazy..

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