Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap year

Leap year only comes every 4 years, how could we not celebrate?! The only think I could think of was something that had to do with frogs, get it, leap? Unfortunately it's too cold outside so leap frog wasn't an option. I began to look online about leap year activities and much to my surprise I actually found other people who embrace the holiday! I found this blog and decided a time capsule is the perfect leap year tradition!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, if I put pictures of all the items we put inside it wouldn't be exciting to open it!

Jake and I went to home depot and got a clearance piece of wood for 56 cents (who knew I'm a money saver too!) and had a nice man cut it into 6 equal pieces. When we got home we realized that we didn't do our math and had to cut the pieces down a little more. My advice if you are going to make a wood box, think out how the pieces will fit together.
Then we screwed it together so there would be no peeking for 4 whole years!

and wala! Not half bad for creating a box last minute. It was super easy and fun to make. Plus it gives it more of a time capsule feel because I really can't open it unless I have a screwdriver handy. Let's be honest, I'm not going to take the time to go round up a screw driver to open this bad boy, but if it were just a shoe box, I'd totally peek.  

Then we took a dremel and carved leap year in the side to make it more official.

The best part a about this leap year time capsule is what we put inside! Jake and I wrote letters to each other that we cannot read until we open it leap year 2016. I have absolutely no idea what he wrote and the anticipation is killing me. The goal is I'll forget about it and it'll be a pleasant surprise in 2016.
 We also jotted down a few things about ourselves like age, weight height etc. As well as things we enjoy, favorite TV show, how much money we currently make, as well as goals that we hope to achieve or be in the process of achieving by the next leap year. This part was super fun to think about what you'll be doing in 4 years and where you hope to be. Many of our goals include being happily married, more connected with our church community, and buying a house. We also included a list of popular technology items because I can only imagine how that will change within the next 4 years. As well as prices for a gallon of milk, a 1 bedroom apartment and gas. 

Of course we took a picture of our little family (Jake, myself and Danger our bearded dragon) to put inside. We also invited Kaycie, Jake's niece, to draw pictures to put inside. She absolutely loved this idea and probably drew us at least 6 pictures. This is a great activity for families, kiddos love it and you will too when you see how much they have changed!

This was such a fun leap year and we will definitely keep this tradition going. Imagine how awesome it will be to open it when we're 60 and see what gas prices were as well as letters we wrote to each other when we were still "smitten" with one another.

what would you put in a time capsule?

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