Friday, March 2, 2012

Valentines accordian box

I love making and giving people cards! There is just something about cards that can't be said anywhere else. However, Jake has so many cards from me because from the time I met him I have been giving him cards. So this valentines day I decided to get a little crafty and made an accordion box. It is super easy and looks so great!

I remember making one of these for some church thing when I was little, I found it and seriously stared at it for forever trying to remember how i did it, then i found an awesome tutorial online.

I used a jewelry box and simply covered it with paper. I got the "I Heart You" decals from the wonderful Hobby Lobby
 The box closes perfectly and upon seeing it Jake had no idea what was inside! I had to warn him to open it slowly because I didn't want him ripping it open and tearing the paper.

This gem was inside!
Its a book full of hilarious pick up lines I found online like;
I know
I’m not a grocery item
 but I can tell
when your checking me out

Your daddy must be a terrorist,
 because baby
you da-bomb

My love for you is like diarrhea,
 I just can’t hold it in..

Your lips look so lonely…
Would they like to meet mine?

He loved it and definitely got a giggle. I feel like my cards are always so sentimental and cheesy that I wanted to do something new. It was super fun and I had a total blast looking up all the ridiculous pick up lines. Like really, do people use these?!
it's hilarious not to mention it just looks so fun:)

Want to learn?

Head on over to and get crafty.
There are SO many options for this awesome book. You can create a little pocket book or a bigger book with pictures.

It can be a holiday book like my valentines one, or even a birthday card! Really the possibilities are endless here and not very many people have seen anything like it. Anyone you give it to will love it I'm sure, and if they don't....well just take it back and enjoy it yourself!
You can create reasons you are thankful, cards, picture books, anything!

Plus you don't have to use a jewerly box or any box for that matter. When it is all folded up you can decorate the front and back to look like covers. Or you can add card board and make it an actual book.

Another awesome idea for creating a cover would be to put ties on under the cardboard cover so they are held in place and you are able to tie the book closed.

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