Friday, March 16, 2012


So you know when a woman is about to have a baby, like literally about to have a babyshe gets into this weird nesting stage. Where all she wants to do is clean her house and do all these motherly things? Well ever since I got engaged I have been doing that exact thing. It is so weird. I have always enjoyed sewing but I mean all of a sudden I had this need for a sewing machine! I can probably thank this whole "nesting" thing and pinterest for that. I researched and decided that i would by a Brother CS6000i sewing machine.
 It is such an awesome sewing machine, not to mention it threads the needle for you! Oh how technology has changed since I took sewing in high school like 3 years ago. The thing that is so great about it is it is super easy to manage for beginners, yet it is super complex for more advanced seamstresses. I love my sewing machine:)

I have made a few starter projects and currently am working on an adorable bohemian tote bag! pictures to come:)

I have also been into cooking and baking! This could get me in trouble because there are always such delicious things around! I got new pots and pans for christmas and also a weight watchers cookbook. Of course I wanted to cook everything out of it immediately and for a while i did. I cannot wait for when we move into our own house and I control whats for dinner and don't have to feel weird making a mess in my mom's or mother in laws kitchen. The very first thing i made was chicken noodle cassorole, it was pretty good if i do say so myself! 
 It kinda looks like cat barf but really it was good!

My all time favorite weight watchers recipe is this 1 point soup. Not even kidding i could eat the whole batch! It is so delicious and super healthy for you. Nothing i love more than a vegetable soup on a cold day.
 It is super simple to make and tastes even better the next day! All the juices of the vegetables mix together and it tastes so good. Like really, make the batch and save it for the next day, let it marinade and it will taste so yummy. You can get the recipe HERE.

Like i said i'll bake for absolutely any reason. I just want experience and the only way to get it is to bake, right? I have been trying to take pictures so i can see how far i have come and what all i have tried.

Holly cupcakes for christmas time

Peanut butter reese's cups. once i learned how to make this i couldnt get enough. Pretty sure i made a million batches of them. Not to mention they are SO simple and seriously probably one of my all time favorites.

This little delight was a cookies and cream cupcake with a whip cream frosting.

 and my very most prized baking accomplishment. One of Jake's coworkers asked jake if we would bake her and her husband a cake for their anniversary. Of course jakey said yes and then the pressure was on. I had never baked a cake before and i in no way clam to be a baker so i was super nervous about it. Honestly the first cake failed miserably and we had to head back to the store to try it again. SUPER frustrating. I guess i just want things to work out the very first time. am i the only one? The decorating, which makes it look so great, was definitely the easist part of this cake baking process. And it was SO fun! I got the fantastic tutorial that made this cake possible HERE. Not going to lie once you see how easy it was you probably wont be as impressed with me..
 Look at that smile! I was having a blast. It was so much fun and i loved the way it turned out. Most importantly jakes co worker loved it and was very thankful.

All of that to say that my step dad has noticed that i have been doing all of these "motherly" things like sewing, crocheting, cooking, cleaning, making things, decorating etc etc. Apparently he told my mom i was "nesting". I blame pinterest and being engaged on that. Seriously. weirdest thing ever! Am i the only one this happened to?! Who cares why, i have found many new hobby's and just maybe i am nesting...hopefully that means I'll be a good wife:) thank you Jesus for a break from school so i can do my hobby's!

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