Friday, March 2, 2012

Sister Shenanigans

Sister Shenanigans is a new thing my sister and I started to give us an excuse to hang out more. We love baking and making things trying to be the domestic creative people we are inspired by on pinterest. Corrine is a special ed teacher and gets super awesome things from her kiddos mommies. One mom told her about this awesome place in Salt Lake City called Wood Connection. So we decided hey lets go! There are so many things that we want to make that it was overwhelming trying to pick one project to start, but don't worry, we'll be back for more shenanigans!! I decided to make my (soon to be) last name for decor for my new house! I figured it is something that would be cute to put on a mantle.
I got plain wood blocks that we fairly cheap.

Then simply pained them black. I didn't paint the front because it will be covered with paper later on.
 Finally I used Modge Podge to attach the scrapbook paper. The great thing about wood connection is they have all the supplies right there in the store so you don't need to make any extra trips to a craft store for paint or paper.
 One little tip when applying the scrapbook paper; make sure that when you trace your object, in my case the letters, that you are tracing it the right side up. I put the letter down and ended up having to retrace all my letters because they were backwards. Good thing I hadn't started cutting the paper yet.
It didn't take long at all and was super easy! I thought it turned out pretty cute! You do not need to put anything over the scrapbook paper. The possibilities are endless with this technique and it looks super cute and professional. 
My sister made the most darling st. patty's day door hanger

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