Friday, March 9, 2012

Invisible Children

The name Invisible Children wasn't just a list of names in hat followed by "publicity for our company so we can get famous" and "give me your money so I can buy myself a yacht" Think about it..Invisible Children. Thousands of people had heard about these children because of the Invisible Children movement. However, the latest and most controversial documentary, Kony 2012, has gone viral. So isn't that a good thing? Invisible Children want to make these kiddos visible, so people can see what is going on. That was their goal and they achieved that didn't they? Whether you think its an annoying hipster movement or whether you are upset because "we have too many problems of our own" the goal is publicity and making Kony famous and Invisible Children have accomplished that. It's more than the rest of us have done, it's not my place to judge. I am here to have faith in God and what he is doing. Thank God that these kiddos are being seen and understood, even through a documentary from Facebook.

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